ITMA SHOWTIME Supports Ignite High Point Initiative

HIGH POINT, N.C., March 5, 2014 – The International Textile Market Association (ITMA Showtime) unanimously passed a resolution supporting the Ignite High Point initiative at its most recent board of directors meeting in February.

ITMA Showtime is the largest home textiles show in the United States and is held in downtown High Point every June and December. It attracts approximately 3,600 to our area and is the third largest revenue generating event in the city, after Furniture Market and the Furniture City Youth Soccer tournament.

“Many of us that are involved with the Showtime Fabric Market saw the Ignite High Point presentation at High Point University on May 15th and we were all very excited,” said Catherine Morsell, Executive Director of ITMA Showtime. “Our show is held downtown and the Ignite plan shows how High Point, and particularly the downtown area, can become a more vibrant, growing, and thriving place.”

The resolution was introduced by Mac Lane, Sales Director of American Silk Mills, and was immediately seconded by Todd Nifong, President of Altizer & Co. Decorative Textiles. “I am a huge supporter of Ignite High Point,” Nifong said. “Ignite will be great for the future of High Point.”

“We, as a board, applaud those on city council, like Jay Wagner, who are forward thinking,” Lane said after the motion passed. “..and it is my sincere hope that all the members of our local government will start thinking about what’s best for High Point in the long-term.”