Belgian Linen Mill Operates Fully Carbon Neutral; Launches Organic Linen

Libeco, one of Europe’s leading linen weaving mills, furthers its environmental commitment by implementing a comprehensive ecological strategy. Efforts to reduce CO2 have now culminated in the certification of the mill as carbon-neutral in April 2014. In conjunction with this company-wide reform, Libeco has launched a collection of GOTS-certified organic linen, assuring the highest levels of social and environmental responsibility.

In terms of both ecology and sustainable development, linen is a real champion. Flax is a natural, recyclable fiber that needs no irrigation and little chemical treatment. All parts of the plant are used leaving no waste. Starting with such a sustainable product, Libeco has pushed ahead to become a leader in sustainable innovation.

Kick-starting this program in 2011, CO2logic was contracted. They are a research bureau specialized in calculating and reducing companies’ carbon footprint. The subsequent Libeco study revealed a total of 715 ton of CO2 emissions per year, a result CO2logic already considered positive compared to other companies.

Several measures have been taken at Libeco’s mill since then to cut emissions further. To name a few: all production now relies on green energy, the lighting system has been replaced for an energy efficient one, company cars have been replaced with more ecological models, and waste treatment has been reformed. So far these efforts have resulted in a 33% decrease in CO2 emissions.

The remaining emissions, which Libeco is committed to reduce in the future, have been compensated through the Kyoto protocol-supported system of CO2 off-setting. By donating financial aid to an international climate project, Libeco reduces its remaining emissions where this would not be possible otherwise. The project Libeco supports increases the use of efficient woodstoves in Uganda as an alternative to cooking on open fires. This project allows CO2 emissions to be reduced, deforestation to be diminished and pneumonia cases to be lessened. As a result of the offsetting, CO2logic has certified Libeco as a CO2 neutral company!

To complete the story, 2014 saw the launch of a new line of organic linen products. The complete production process of this new line has been GOTS-certified, guaranteeing that these products and fabrics, from raw material to end-product, are produced in the most ecological and socially responsible manner.

Libeco Home presents its first collection of organic bed linen named ‘Heritage’ in its summer collection. Natural colors, oysters and flax, were chosen for this first organic collection, which matches the other items in the new Home collection. Through its B2B wholesale division, Libeco Fabrics is launching 4 new qualities in a range of colors and weights. They will first be shown to the US Market at Showtime in June 2014 and will be sold through jobbers and wholesale manufacturers.