The Mitchell Group Introduces New Category of Polyurethane Fabrics

CHICAGO – Enhanced PU! It’s the new category of polyurethane fabrics that The Mitchell Group is introducing at Showtime (June 1-4) adding to its Mitchell Collection brand, Bill Fisch, president, announced.

Four new patterns will be unveiled to kick-off the Enhanced PU category, with more on the way, Fisch said. The innovative Enhanced PU construction consists of a 100% polyurethane face coated on a three-layer polyester backing. This unique hybrid construction makes for an incredible leather look with the softness of fabric, Fisch said.

Enhanced PU surpasses industry standards with impressive physical characteristics including grab tensile, trap tear and seam strength. This particular category is formulated to pass the ASTM D 3690-02 hydrolysis resistance test, and exceed 100,000 cycles in the Wyzenbeek abrasion test. All Enhanced PU patterns pass the various standard flammability tests.

The Mitchell Collection’s Enhanced Polyurethane patterns include:

Luxury — A classic leather pattern that boasts a smooth grain and a special finish that creates an ultra-soft hand. Luxury is available in five colors.

Rambo — Is embossed, over printed and then laminated to a polyester backing. A breathable-coated fabric, the material forms continuous polymer layers over a textile substrate, which is impermeable to liquids, and yet transmits water vapor emitted from the body. Rambo has a medium grade and is available in 11 traditional colors.

Ranger — Utilizing the same base and construction as Rambo, but with a slightly larger grain combined with a higher luster, Ranger presents an elite unit of faux leather. Ranger is available in eight contemporary colors.

Rebel — Consisting of a polyester three-layer base cloth, with a polyurethane top skin and finish, Rebel is perfect for residential furniture, given its smooth grain and subtle tipping print. Rebel comes in four shades of brown

About The Mitchell Group

Co-founded by Bill Fisch and Ann Brunett, the Niles, IL. -based Mitchell Group is a premier textile source and converter for furniture manufacturers and retailers, contract & hospitality, boating and RV markets. Strategic distribution has placed Mitchell products in hotels, casinos, restaurants, offices, and commercial spaces. The Mitchell Group’s collection includes Sta-Kleen®, the industry’s first dry-erase urethane upholstery. It surpasses all other polyurethane fabrics; faux leathers and vinyl upholstery in stain protection. The fabric has high-end designer appeal, the hand of fine leather, is highly abrasion resistant, anti-bacterial, and durable enough to last for the life of the furniture. An area of emerging importance is Mitchell’s ReCast® line. It is a technically advanced engineered recycled leather product available in numerous patterns and colors. ReCast® is competitively priced and has gained significant market share. The Mitchell Collection includes a vast array of commercial and residential products in polyurethane, polyester and vinyl construction.