American Silk Mills to Launch “Sprezzatura Home” by Christine Rendino

High Point, NC – American Silk Mills announced today that it will launch a stocked luxury textile collection created and curated by long-time industry veteran Christine Rendino. With over 45 SKUS, the collection includes luxury velvets, intricate embroideries, silk jacquards, beaded cords and tapes. The name “Sprezzatura” means studied carelessness in Italian- “the collection reflects the style, detail, luxury and aesthetic of the couture runway while staying grounded in the classic, livable sensibility important in the modern home textile industry” states Rendino. Further, “Sprezzatura is the perfect word for what we are creating- effortless elegance in materials, construction and textures.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with Christine to bring this lovely and inspiring textile collection to market. We intentionally responded to our customers’ requests to introduce textiles that reflect the American Silk’s aesthetic. Christine’s leadership and relationships to the couture world is a perfect response” states American Silk President Cynthia Douthit.

American Silk Mills “Sprezzatura Home-by Christine Rendino” will be shown during ITA Showtime (June 3-June 6) at the American Silk Mills Studio. Founded in 1896, American Silk Mills remains among the oldest and most established American textile brand by designing, weaving and distributing innovative textiles for the residential, contract, transportation, and specialty markets. Acquired by Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd (STIL) in November 2017.