Swavelle/Mill Creek Fabrics, Inc. Agrees to Acquire Al Fresco Functional Fabrics

Swavelle/Mill Creek Fabrics, Inc., a trusted name in the home furnishing textile industry for over 35 years, and Altizer & Co. Decorative Textiles, an innovative market leader in outdoor and performance fabrics, announced on Thursday that they have reached an agreement in principle for Swavelle to acquire Altizer & Co.’s Al Fresco Functional Fabrics division.

Jeff Thomases, Swavelle’s CEO, stated “We are very excited for this opportunity to significantly grow our outdoor fabric business. The inclusion of Al Fresco Fabrics will greatly expand our performance fabric offerings to the furniture, wholesale, retail, and hospitality trades.”

Altizer & Co. Decorative Textiles, founded by Howard Altizer in 1980, designed and marketed the highest quality fabrics to all segments of the home furnishings marketplace. Then, in 2003, Howard along with current President Todd Nifong identified a need for more decorative fabrics focused towards the outdoor marketplace, yet functional in design, construction, and feel to be used comfortably indoors as well. With the creation of the Al Fresco Functional Fabrics division the business experienced tremendous growth and in 2008 consolidated its focus solely on the outdoor performance marketplace. In 2016 Al Fresco Functional Fabrics continued their commitment to the highest quality designs with the addition of ITA Lifetime Achievement award winning designer Wesley Mancini.

“Al Fresco Fabrics has a history of focusing on design, quality, and service; as well as strong customer relationships,” said Nifong. “We are honored to be moving forward as part of a company that embraces those same values. This opportunity will allow Al Fresco Functional Fabrics to continue its growth in all marketplaces while increasing efficiencies across all aspects of our business model.”

Al Fresco Functional Fabrics, with Todd Nifong as its President, will operate as a subsidiary of Swavelle. The company’s current operations will be integrated into Swavelle’s New York and South Carolina facilities.

About Al Fresco Functional Fabrics – Al Fresco Functional Fabrics are constructed of the highest quality yarns to create fabrics that are made to stand up to the elements of nature and unforeseen elements of the home. All fabrics are bleach-cleanable, antimicrobial, and UV resistant, with a durable quality that you can expect for any lifestyle. Al Fresco Functional Fabrics are made in the USA and focus on innovative design, color, and softness that functions in your home, or anywhere you live comfortably.