Ramtex Inc. Expanding their Cut Velvet Collection for F/W 2018

It’s no surprise that Ramtex, the company that made cut velvets relevant throughout American home decor, would offer a new collection that offers more cut velvet patterns and design choices than ever before. Brett Barker, Creative Director for Ramtex, states, “It’s my intention to bring something new, fresh, and innovative to each Showtime market and our F/W 2018 collection is no exception. We’ve greatly expanded our offerings in cut velvets for December, highlighting a chic mid-century/early 1960’s look and feel while staying true to our timeless signature style.” At Ramtex, we believe each person’s home can be a unique expression of who they are, so for the F/W collection, we are featuring a selection of designs which lend themselves to a bespoke, one-of-a-kind look. These distinctive cut velvets are accompanied by a large selection of new body cloths that offer the same contemporary classic vibe—stop by our showroom at 341 South Wrenn St and see what the buzz is all about!*