Jon Cochran 1953-2021

Jon Cochran
Father, Husband, Friend, Textile representative July 18, 1953 – May 7, 2021

Great men don’t know they are great. I’ve been fortunate to know several and they all have that in common. If you tried to give them a description of themselves, they would not recognize it. Other men recognize it when they see it. Good men take what they have observed, and try to emulate it as best they can in the hopes that one day they will be in consideration with the distinction. It’s a goal that very few of us will achieve. Jon did.

Like many of his friends, Jon and I interacted together in a business setting mostly. He was great at his job, but I think everyone can agree that wasn’t his goal or focus. He was great, so he did his job well as he labored for his family and especially his daughter Nicole. Even with our limited time together that much was clear. Nicole was a huge part of his focus.

My purpose in writing this letter is to show his family, especially Nicole, just how profound Jon’s impact has been on those around him. Jon missed graduation. Jon will miss a wedding. Jon will miss all the milestones he prayed his daughter would enjoy. As a celebration of Jon’s life and the love we all had for Jon, I’m suggesting we honor him with a gift to be given to Nicole to help insure a wonderful wedding, a fabulous honeymoon, and anything else to help Nicole and her husband as they start their lives together. Jon’s memory will fuel their future. Please join me in making this a reality.

Jon never wanted to be a burden and used all his energy making sure his family was living life to the fullest… making sure Nicole lived life to the fullest. Perhaps his memory, his deeds, what he left for good men to emulate, will help inspire us to achieve his unfinished work. Please see the information below. We will present this gift to Nicole, but we will keep our efforts confidential until the time is right. We hope this will be a wonderful wedding gift on June 12th. Please be generous. We will accept contributions until June 4th.
Thank you for your consideration and please help spread the word.

Patrick Mayo
Mayo Furniture
Jon’s friend

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