Sydney Vigotov

Name: Sydney Vigotov
Company: Crypton Fabric
Phone: 336.455.0001
City, State: Atlanta, Georgia

Crypton® has a team of Outreach professionals whose role is to train retailers, sales teams, design professionals, furniture representatives and partner brand management teams across the country. Outreach Director Sydney Vigotov embodies that as well as serving as internal trainer and traveling educator for Crypton. Although Sydney has only been with Crypton for four years, the brand has already positioned her in an integral role both informing and inspiring those who sell and promote Crypton fabric. Her speaking engagements on behalf of the brand have included presentations at prestigious events including the Gail Doby Genius Exchange conference, Westweek, WithIt’s closing conference panel and the Lend & Gather conference. She has spoken at many major design centers nationwide including Merchandise Mart Chicago, the Denver Design Center, the DC Design Center, Design Center Philadelphia, the Pacific Design Center and the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC). Sydney also regularly interfaces on special programs with key Crypton partner brands such as Kravet, Ethan Allen, Stickley, Furniture Row, Arhaus and Duralee. Sydney is known among her colleagues as a tireless and enthusiastic team player, and cheerleader for others’ success. Outside of work, she is also active in many industry organizations and volunteer mentorship programs for both students and design industry professionals. In 2020, Sydney was honored to be the youngest-ever recipient of WithIt’s Education WOW Award, presented to an individual who has developed programs and put forth significant effort to educate associates, retailers and consumers about the home and furnishings industry.


What is your area of expertise?
Public speaking, furniture & fabric education, training standardization/program building & mentorship.

What advice helped to accelerate your career?
Take a chance on positions you aren’t 100% qualified for. If you can’t beat fear, then just do it scared.

What do you wish you’d known earlier?
Don’t change your values, passion, or personality to fit a job or a company. Run, don’t walk towards those that organically fit, nourish & positively encourage who you already are.

Why do you love the textile industry?
Three F’s—Fashion, Fast-Paced & Fun!

How do you address “failure”?
Failures have been better teachers throughout my career than successes. They identify areas for improvement, illuminate strategies that didn’t work & help us identify why, and humble us if ego convinces us we’re infallible—spoiler alert, you’re not. Reflecting, re-evaluating, and remaining receptive to constructive criticism allows us to “fail forward”—transforming setbacks into steps forward and success.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Pinball arcades, French food, cats.

What are your future goals?
To leave a lasting impact, to positively influence & elevate my colleagues and industry, and to incite curiosity and a sense of wonder in anyone I interact with.