2015 CC Winners


Marissa Carey
Savannah College of Art and Design

Major: B.F.A. Fibers

This pattern design developed out of an interest in my environment, specifically the variety of visual information found on the exteriors of houses in Savannah, Georgia. Each home with an individual set of colors, quirks, and textures collaborate to convey an independent personality. When viewed as a community of homes, however, they nestle seamlessly together.

My focus was to capture these qualities by pulling elements from a mixture of the house exteriors and reimagine their interaction through a repeat pattern. These characteristics were then overlapped to evoke a similar experience of walking through the neighborhood streets of Savannah, Georgia.

JUNE 2015

Laerke Michaelsen
Savannah College of Art and Design

The work is inspired from Australian aboriginal and graffiti art. It is a combination of the spontaneous line work of graffiti, and the patient and thought through process of painting with dots, as seen in aboriginal artworks. The colors are mainly drawn from aboriginal inspirations, but the shapes themselves represent the knotted futures of graffiti letters on walls. Together the two very different styles create an untraditional and visually intriguing pattern. Graffiti is a symbol of differences coming together and the melting pot of culture in today’s society.