2016 CC Winners


Gina Miller
Savannah College of Art & Design

Bubble Leaves

The inspiration for this repeat pattern comes from learning to let the nuances of nature and the process of creating to show through in a design. I created mono-prints by rolling ink onto various sprigs and leaves and pressing them to paper, and one set stood out with the organic yet defined shapes. I then scanned in the image, inverted and filled the color and began rearranging the sprig to showcase the natural beauty of the mono-print that would not have been reached solely by drawing. The assignment for my screen-printing

class was to utilize only two colors for the design, so I also played around with stretching the values and dimension with a half-tone effect of two different sizes for both a shadow and lattice-work structural grid. The unit for repeat was printed out onto transparency paper and transferred

to my two 23″ x 36″ screens. I screen-printed the design by hand onto 4 yards of cotton poplin with 3.5×11 units with an additional colorway on 4 yards in reverse values of a light green and aqua.

JUNE 2016

Michelle Dunbar
Rhode Island School of Design

Inspired by a handmade paper yarn Japanese Shifu Kimono, I noticed writing from the original paper was visible on the surface of the cloth. Thinking about this idea of hidden stories woven into fabric, I created a series that explored the transition of time and story telling through hand-dyed color gradations and complex, layered surfaces. In this sample I cut long orange yarn floats and used these tails to stuff the triangular pockets.

Although parts of the story have been hidden within the fabric, evidence of their existence is visible through the orange edges on the triangles.