How To Shop

As the preeminent fabric trade show, Showtime Market is a fast-paced event with its own flow and nuances. While veterans typically plan their visits in advance and set appointments with key vendors, many exhibitors will also accommodate walk-ins.

Here are some tips to make your shopping experience productive:

  • Pick up a copy of our show guide available at any of the registration desks.
  • Shop one venue at a time. While wandering may seem appealing, working your way through each building systematically is a better plan.
  • Get to know the lay of the land. There are two main venues for the market: Market Square and the Resource Centers. Visit one of our three registration locations upon your arrival:
    • the courtyard entrance at Market Square
    • first floor entrance of the Market Square Textile Tower
    • second floor entrance of the Market Square Textile Tower

Temporary Exhibits on 5th Floor of Market Square or “The Temps”

NEW LOCATION FOR NOV 2020 – The temps house well-established suppliers in addition to smaller suppliers, new vendors and groups of international suppliers. It is also the location for educational seminars, special exhibits, snacks, food, and many social events.

Market Square Textile Tower (MSTT) or “The Tower”

The tower is home to many of the larger mills and suppliers of leather and trim. Showtime appointments are common in the tower, but “walk-ins” sometimes can be accommodated. One strategy is to “work the tower” one floor at a time, either bottom to top or top to bottom. Be flexible if you don’t have an appointment.

Resource Center (RC) and Home Fashions Resource Center (HFRC) or “the Resource Centers”

These outlying buildings are located just a few blocks away from the Market Square Complex on Wrenn and Hamilton Streets, and house a range of suppliers. While most encourage appointments, some also welcome drop-in visitors, too. Once you’ve taken the free shuttle ride to the outlying buildings, it’s easy to walk between the RC, HFRC, and surrounding venues.

Shuttle Service

Free shuttle service is available around Showtime Market in partnership with The High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau. It runs continuously between buildings and parking lots throughout the show.