Jan 1, 2023

Crypton Home Fabric 

Wabi Sabi
Inclusiveness. Belongingness. The ultimate beauty of human diversity and culture has a forever place inside of the design aesthetic. Crypton Home’s design team asked – Can these ideas be captured in the warp and weft? In answer they offer two collections for the season that allude to belonging. Wabi Sabi is a nod to the storied tradition of blue and white porcelain and the ancient concept of juxtaposing the beautiful with the beautifully imperfect. There is perhaps nothing more inclusive in the context of design than embracing and even celebrating imperfection.
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Performance Cotton
The new generation of Crypton Performance Recycled Cottons are an ode to how honoring the planet and respecting one another are one and the same. Soft and welcoming, the fabrics also use 50% to 70% cotton that would otherwise have been destined for a landfill.
Shopping Options: Performance

Katie Cooper