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Developing future leaders

A key part of ITA’s mission is the growth and development of future industry leaders. Our member companies recognize the need to attract fresh talent and promote the growth and development of students studying textiles around the world.

From internships to mixers, our initiatives create opportunities for the long-term advancement of the industry through education and recruitment.

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Kathy Carr Rickwood in memory of Harold A. Deal Jr.
John Kearns/Mendy Kearns in memory of Bill Pines
John J Eger/Eileen Eger in memory of Bert Rau
Friends and Family of Thayer Coggin in memory of Bert Rau

John J. Glasheen, Jr. and Jennifer O. Glasheen,
John and Patricia Seymour, J. Donald and Miriam E. Frail,
John and Mendy Kearns, Gregory G. and Angela P.
Meredith, Anne W. and Taylor Hood, Dora F. Tedder,
Russell L. Mendenhall, Kathy Carr Rickwood.


  • As part of its ongoing vision to support the growth of the textile industry through education, ITA donated $100,000 in 2017 to Jefferson University (the newly named institution resulting from the merging of Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University). In recognition of this award, the textile design studio has been named the ITA Textile Design Collaborative Studio.
  • For many years, the ITA hosted an industry tour for students from schools across the country. The three-day tour offered them an inside look at the textile industry from concept to consumer through visits to textile mills, design studios, upholstery manufacturers and printing facilities.
  • The ITA Educational Foundation facilitates interns working for our member companies.
  • The cover design for each ITA Member Directory and Show Guide is designed by a student in a textile design program. The bi-annual cover competition typically receives more than 20 student submissions per contest. The winner and their school are recognized in Interwoven publications.
  • The Virginia Jackson Design Competition was established in 1995 to recognize the most talented students in the field of textile design and creates a vehicle to bring new talent into the industry. The VJDC receives more than 50 submissions from students across the country in three categories: Jacquard, Dobby and Print.
  • The Founders’ Scholarship was established in 2015 in honor of the founding members of the ITA. The first scholarship was awarded in 2016.

Committee Members

  • Tammy Buckner, Culp
  • Jack Eger, Crypton
  • Heidi Gonzalez, Jonathan Louis
  • John Kearns, Hamilton Fabrics
  • Wesley Mancini, Valdese Weavers
  • Katie Smarr, Crypton

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