May 6, 2022

Ultrafabrics Color Lab launches annual color trend forecast, kicks off 2022 with Luxury of Experience panel talk

Ultrafabrics, the world’s finest animal-free performance fabric producer, has launched its yearly cutting-edge color trend forecast. For 2022, the forecast theme is titled Unexplored Territories and presents five key trends and color palettes articulated through references to international fashion, architecture and pop culture. Each year an internal team of designers and thought leaders scan the cultural horizon for emerging trends for the Color Lab, the Ultrafabrics’ platform that explores color and innovation at the brand. This year is no different, and the team analyzed both the aesthetic and psychological shifts in the consumer marketplace. Barry Silverman, Vice President of Marketing and Branding, says, “We serve 11 different global markets from architecture and design to transportation and fashion. Our teams are constantly surveying the horizon, so we know what the markets want before it knows itself. Our yearly trend forecast empowers clients with ideas to fuel their own innovation.”

Nicole Meier, Director of Branding, adds: “ Ultrafabrics carries over 500 standard colors and can color match any tone of the spectrum, but we have much more to offer than that. We partner with brands that use color, texture, haptics and sensorial design to elevate their customer experience. Our trend forecast is yet another tool we offer to support their process.”

Unexplored Territories: A trend forecast in five chapters, distilled into five color palettes After experiencing an unimaginable period of fear, isolation and solitude, consumers have re-emerged with a sense of both trepidation and optimism. Despite the countless remaining unknowns, many feel excited as we set forth on a journey of unexplored territories. Whether it be taking a leap of faith to pursue a new dream or disconnecting from technology to explore the great outdoors, now is the time to embrace alternative ways of being in the world outside the home. Ultrafabrics titled this year’s forecast ‘Unexplored Territories’ to delve into this idea. How are Italian fashion label Prada and Russian architect Alex Nerovnya using color to celebrate courage and resilience? The Lust for Life trend will visually walk you through the emotional and visual conversation around this red-focused palette. How does a natural crystalline rock formation and the latest pink-soled Tire Boot by luxury brand Bottega Venetta relate to the Metaphysical trend? Can Ultraviolet color bring solace from screen fatigue? These are just a few of the ideas presented in the forecast. To book a virtual meeting for individuals or groups to see the full five trends outlined in the 2022 ‘Unexplored Territories’ trend forecast you connect here.

Is experience the new luxury? A panel discussion to launch Unexplored Territories To celebrate the launch of Ultrafabrics’ 2022 color forecast Unexplored Territories, the brand assembled thought leaders across different industries to explore the post-pandemic question, ‘Is experience the new luxury?’ Moderated by Bethan Ryder, Executive Editorial Director of WGSN and a 24-year veteran in design journalism, this panel mined the collective knowledge of industry experts working in synergistic design fields. The panel includes: Kaila Cox, Creative Specialist, Colour and Materials of Jaguar Land Rover; Daniel Blaker Creative Director at Nulty+ architectural lighting consultants; Scott Richler, founder of Gabriel Scott lighting and furniture; and Barry Silverman, Vice President of Marketing and Branding at Ultrafabrics. The full discussion is available here.