Jan 1, 2023


Kravet Wellness Textures by Celliant for Crypton Home

Kravet introduces a new state of the art performance fabric, Wellness Textures by Crypton Home Celliant, engineered to reflect a person’s natural body heat back as infrared energy. Celliant has been clinically tested and proven to increase cellular oxygenation for improved energy, stronger performance, quicker recovery and overall enhanced wellbeing.
Shopping Options: Cut Yardage, Fabric, Performance

Lee Jofa Modern Rhapsody

Striking a pleasing note, RHAPSODY is a new collection of prints, embroideries, weaves and wallpapers capturing a spirited and modern mood from Lee Jofa Modern.  Bold geometric designs are complemented by a unique lush floral and a graphic brush stroke pattern.  The collection’s color palette ranges from subdued neutrals to spirited bottle greens, oceanic blues, brick reds, earthy terra cottas and brilliant golds.
Shopping Options: Cut Yardage, Designer Friendly, Fabric

Alana Moskowitz