Walter Bridgham

Walter Bridgham

Company: Lenzing Fibers
Phone: 305-793-3486
City, State: New York, NY

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Professionals Texpert

Sr. Business Development Manager – Home & Interiors, N. America at Lenzing Fibers

Walter Bridgham started his career as Fashion Design at Miami Dade College and remembers taking this class back in 1982. Since then has lead sales teams, buying teams, product development & sourcing teams for Home Textiles for over 39 years. Formerly Director of Product Innovation/Development at WestPoint Home from 2016 to 2019. Led the domestic and international teams in developing innovative bed and bath textiles. Prior to that, 35 years in retailing at Macy’s Inc. in positions of increasing responsibility. Last position there was Product Director for Macy’s Merchandising overseeing several home categories. Began retail career in stores and moved to buying of several home categories at the company’s Burdines nameplate and moved to Macy’s Inc. in 2004 as Home Textiles Buyer. At Lenzing he is Responsible for inspiring and educating the home and interior industry about the benefits and sustainability of TENCEL™-branded fibers and grow TENCEL™ brand recognition to the end consumer through products and customer-facing activities.

Texpert Advice

What is your area of expertise?

Product development & retail (conception to end of life).

Why do you love the textile industry?

The flexibility in creating something, the innovation that is still to come.

How did you cope with 2020?

Flexibility, determination – leading by example for total team success.

Do you have a daily routine to optimize your success?

Being a global company addressing email first thing, learn to use all tools available to be efficient.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Spend a little time with hobbies (cooking, sewing, etc.).

What are your future goals?

Share knowledge and experiences with other.